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Grinch Invasion Escape Room at the McConnell Library

It’s escape room fundraiser time again at the McConnell Library!
You are a Whoville parent. You’ve gone downstairs early on Christmas morning to set up your video camera and OH NO! Your house has been invaded by the Grinch! All the gifts Santa brought your children are opened and the toys locked up and hidden. You only have one hour to find them and put them back in the right boxes before your kids wake up and Christmas is ruined!
Signup starts November 1. Call the McConnell Library at 902-562-3161 to book. Cost is $120 for teams of 4-8 people. New this year: Team Stranger days! Sign up as an individual Tues Nov 12 at 6 pm or Weds Nov 13 at 8 pm for $20 a person.
This fundraiser is designed for adults. Any team that includes a child must have the adults outnumber the children and watch them carefully.


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