Be Fit Kits

Be Fit Kits are free activity kits for family outdoor fun!

They include items designed to develop sports and movement skills such as throwing, kicking, hopping, jumping, catching, and balancing.

Quite simply they are a whole day of active family play in a bag.

The Kits contain:

  • 1 parachute,
  • 2 jump ropes,
  • 1 game box (washer toss and tic tac toe toss),
  • 4 orange cones,
  • 1 soccer ball,
  • 1 nerf ball,
  • 1 bumpy ball,
  • paddle toss (2 paddles and 1 plastic ball),
  • 1 frisbee¬†
  • and a booklet with activity ideas.

Be Fit Kits can be checked out for one week.  Place a hold on a Be Fit Kit today!

Thanks to our partners Sydney Credit Union, Sport Nova Scotia, and Province of Nova Scotia for supporting this project!