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“A Testament of Youth” Movie Night

To commemorate Remembrance Day and the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1, the Library will be screening the 2015 movie, Testament of Youth, (rated PG-13) at the McConnell Library on Friday, November 9 at 6:30. This movie, starring Alicia Vikander and Kit Harrington, is based on the book by Vera Brittain that depicts her time as a nurse during World War 1.

Vera Brittain’s story shows the destruction and personal loss suffered by many during that war. As a nurse in France, she witnessed the horror of the war and helped to save lives. Brought up in a well-to-do family, she watched her brother and his friends go off to war. Her experiences and how she reacted to what was happening around her are similar to those of Katharine McLennan of Petersfield, Cape Breton. Both young women lost their brother in the war, and both were determined to go to France to serve in the war however they could. Both women left a record of their experiences; Vera Brittain in her books, and Katharine McLennan in her sketches and drawings of scenes in the hospitals in France.

To honour the work that Katharine McLennan and other women provided to the war effort, we will be exhibiting Katharine McLennan’s art work from World War 1, starting at 5:00 PM prior to the movie. Please join us for this free event. We’d like to acknowledge the support of CBCL Ltd. for making this movie available to you.


McConnell Library - 50 Falmouth Street

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