Cape Breton Regional Library

Brìgh na Bàrdachd / The Power of our Songs

Presenter: Shamus Y. MacDonald

For more than two centuries, Gaelic songs have been part of the cultural fabric of Nova Scotia. Songs composed in the province provide important insights into the thoughts and concerns of generations of Scottish Gaels.

Drawing on archival research and contemporary fieldwork, this presentation explores the enduring power of Gaelic songs in Nova Scotia. Learn what they reveal about the community and their value today.

Shamus is passionate about the stories, folklore, and history of Gaelic Nova Scotia. He holds a Master’s degree in Celtic and Scottish Studies from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD in Folklore from Memorial University

Gaelic Nova Scotia Month / Mìos nan Gàidheal

The Power of our Songs / Brìgh na Bàrdachd

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McConnell Library - 50 Falmouth Street

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