Cape Breton Regional Library

New Waterford Library presents The Grand Seduction

April 19th National Canadian Film Day – Celebrate great Canadian films!

The Grand Seduction           2 pm                                                 

(2013 Director: Don McKellar, 113 mins.)

A funny and fresh English-language adaptation of the 2004 Quebecois comedy La grande séduction, this film tells the tale of a small fishing village in Newfoundland that must secure a new doctor in order to keep the community alive.

When city doctor Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) arrives for a court ordered trial residence, the townsfolk rally to charm and hoodwink him into staying. Under the guidance of an unemployed fisherman (Brendan Gleeson), they go to hilarious lengths to fabricate all the amenities of the big city and make it seem as though their sleepy town has everything Dr. Lewis could possibly want. Will the good doc fall for their tricks, or will he see through them to the truth about small town life?

Sponsored by: REEL CANADA | Canada 150 | Ontario 150


New Waterford Library - 3390 Plummer Ave

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