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The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling: a workshop for youth ages 12-21

So you think fairy tales are only in children’s books like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty? Think again.

Here at home, Cape Breton storytellers of every culture have been passing along fantastic “wonder” tales from generation to generation, and we’d like to keep them alive.

Come to this storytelling workshop, and be part of the “Youth Wonder Tales” event during the ‘Isle of Story Festival’ in early May. No experience necessary!  Participants will have a chance to tell a tale at the event if they choose.

The Library’s Storyteller-in-Residence, Ronald Labelle will lead this three-part workshop. In session 1, participants will choose a traditional tale collected by Jean Deveaux, an Acadian storyteller who lived in Glace Bay.  We will use English translations of the tales, or the original French if the participant wishes.  In session 2, participants will practice telling one of Jean’s tales, or maybe another tale they’ve found, and get feedback from others.

Professional storyteller Marta Singh will be at the “Isle of Story Festival” and will offer advice and encouragement to our latest generation of storytellers at the Youth Wonder Tales event.  So come and take advantage of this unique opportunity!

To register call the McConnell Library at 902-562-3161.


McConnell Library - 50 Falmouth Street

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