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Update: May 18 2020

Thanks for the overwhelming response to the CBRL Seed Library! We have run out of seeds for this year already so will not be taking any more orders. We will try to fill those received as best we can, but some may miss out. Our apologies!  We will contact anyone who submitted an order which cannot be filled. Good luck with your gardens, and look for future gardening posts on our Facebook page.  Please join the CBRL Seed Library group on Facebook to join in the gardening discussion.


The new CBRL Seed Library offers free vegetable seeds to those who wish to start a garden this year and learn to be more self sufficient in these extraordinary times.

The seeds available thrive in our Maritime climate, and are from local sources: Halifax Seeds, Hope Seeds and Seeds of Diversity in Cape Breton.  They include many great tasting Heritage varieties that will provide fresh, healthy food for your family and neighbours.  Some can be started indoors, while others can be planted directly into a garden or containers, but a few do need extra support as they grow.  Seed varieties include beans, peas, cucumbers, squashes, tomatoes and several salad greens (lettuces, kale and spinach). All seeds were packaged using safe practices.

View our Seed Library Catalogue to learn about varieties available and then fill in the form below to order seeds!

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