Cape Breton Regional Library

eBooks and eAudiobooks

Access a constantly growing collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks to enjoy on your personal devices!

To search the collection and download materials, sign in to the library’s OverDrive site using your library card number and PIN (the last 4 digits of the primary phone number associated with your library account).

For information on using the service with a particular device, see the guides below:

Please note: The library’s eBooks are compatible with many devices, but they are not compatible with all eReaders and tablets. OverDrive provides information on their website about which devices are compatible with the library’s eBook and eAudiobook service.


Introducing Libby

What is Libby? Libby is a new app you can use to find and read library ebooks and audiobooks. It is made by Overdrive, the same company who makes the Overdrive app. If you are currently happy with your Overdrive app, there is no need for a change. However, if you’re new to streaming and downloading library ebooks and audiobooks, or would like to try something new, check out Libby! All you need is a valid CBRL library card!

For more information on how to set up and use your Libby app, take a look our guide:

Introducing Libby