Serving Cape Breton Regional Municipality and Victoria County since 1950

Adopt a Book

The Adopt-a-Book Program encourages literacy, supports education, and provides quality reading materials to children, teens and adults. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Since the library opened in 1950, people in our community have helped to nourish and support the library. By adopting a book, you can help us to build a strong collection of books and continue to show your support for this community institution. For more information about giving to the library, contact our Community Support Coordinator by email or telephone at 902-562-3279.

Adopt-a-Book Donors

The Cape Breton Regional Library and the community it serves has a richer collection of library books to choose from thanks to the generosity of the many individuals and organizations within our communities who have donated to the Adopt-A-Book campaign. Through the support of our donors, the library was able to add a variety of books to our libraries that we could not otherwise have purchased.

How To Adopt-A-Book

  • Fill out the Adopt-A-Book Order Form and donate the cost of a book(s), either through the mail to the address below or at your local library. The average cost of an adult book is $30. The average cost of a children’s book is $25.
  • You can adopt a book in a subject area of your choice, such as fiction, non-fiction, gardening, cooking, sports crafts, arts, romance, mystery, western, etc.
  • When we receive your donation, we will place a bookplate in a book with the inscription you want, and then send it to your library branch, where it will be housed.  We will send you a charitable tax receipt for the amount of your gift.

You can adopt a book for any of our branches or bookmobiles. The book you choose will stay in that library branch. When choosing the inscription for your adopted book you can adopt the book:

  • Anonymously
  • On behalf of yourself or someone else
  • As a group or as a member of a group
  • As a unique present for the person who has everything on birthdays, anniversaries, retirement

For books in memory of a loved one please see our Memorial Book Fund