Autism Tools

Autism kit

The library has autism tool kits which give individuals living with autism and their families/caregivers the opportunity to try particular items and tools to see if they are helpful. Like a book, the kits can be borrowed for two weeks at no charge. All you need is your library card. These kits are based on kits developed by Autism Nova Scotia in partnership with Halifax Public Libraries.

There are three kits available to be borrowed, the sensory tools kit, fidget tools kit, and visual tools kit. Each of the kits come with supporting material to guide individuals, families and caregivers towards getting the most out of their borrowing period.

Fidget tools are items that can be helpful to some autistic individuals with focus, calming, and attention span. Fidget tools come in many different forms and what works for one individual may not have the same effect for another. Offering a fidget tool at certain times may help an individual concentrate on a task, environment, or be used for calming.

The visual tools kit is designed to support a person with autism with more relaxed transitions between activities throughout the day. Transitions can be challenging for many autistic individuals. By using a visual support that works for them, an individual can be more prepared for transitioning to another task or activity.

The sensory tools kit contains items which can be used for self-regulation. If a person is overwhelmed by the environment and needs a quiet activity or are seeking sensory feedback, these tools may provide the supports that they need.

Reserve a kit now by phoning your branch library or through the online catalogue