Cape Breton Regional Library

Conserving Canada – Conserver le Canada

Join Parks Canada Staff for a workshop on
cultural and environmental resource
conservation in the Cape Breton Highlands
National Park and the Fortress of Louisbourg
National Historic Site. There will be fun
activities, games, and swag to hand out.

All ages welcome (children under 5 must be accompanied by a parent/ or guardian).

Please visit the Dominion Library, or call 902-849-3590 to register.

Joindre les gens de Parcs Canada pour un
atelier de culture et de conservation de
ressources aux Hautes-Terres de Cap-Breton
et a Lieu Historique National de la Forteresse
de Louisbourg. Il y aura des activités
amusantes, des jeux et des cadeaux à distribuer.


Dominion Library - 78 Commercial Street, Unit A

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