Collage Exhibit ‘Send-A-Smile Mail Art’

Send-A-Smile Mail Art‘ is an exhibition of postcard-sized collages intended to be mailed to someone special.

Exhibit creator and collage artist Cheryl MacDonald will be at the McConnell Library on Saturday, May 14 from 2:00-4:00 pm for anyone interested in chatting about the art of collage, the art process, or writing postcards.

Cheryl creates with joy and spontaneity: she shared that her art practice is “. . . more intuitive than technical. . . fine art it is not! Surreal, abstract, realistic, playful or otherwise, it’s about the process more than the outcome.”

‘Send-a-Smile Mail Art’ highlights the art of writing postcards and sending mail, as well as paper collage. Cheryl often gifts her original postcards to people she meets and they love the unexpected surprise.

For those of you inspired to try your hand at paper collage, check out the large selection of used books in the McConnell Library book sale area (a spot where Cheryl gets most of her art supply lately!) Cheryl also suggests upcycling other paper resources like vintage wrapping paper, expired flyers and brochures, and food packaging.


More about collage and the artist:



May 14 - 21 2022


All Day
Sydney Library (McConnell)


Sydney Library (McConnell)
50 Falmouth St Sydney NS B1P 6X9


McConnell Library - Program Department
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