Get Creative with LinkedIn Learning

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The post is part of a month-long focus on LinkedIn Learning.

Last week we looked at some LinkedIn Learning courses for small business owners. This week we are focusing on LinkedIn Learning’s creative courses. LinkedIn Learning is well known for its fantastic selection of courses on digital skills and software training, including hundreds of courses for graphic designers, musicians, 3D animators, and digital photography. Before examining LinkedIn Learning’s rich digital arts content, we will dive into some lesser-known LinkedIn courses: courses that focus on traditional analog art methods such as drawing, painting, and film photography.

All of these courses are prerecorded videos you can access on-demand ( and for free! ) just by logging in to LinkedIn Learning with your library card. We have posted a LinkedIn Learning Tutorial at the end of this post, and if you do not have a library card, you can fill in the Online Library Card Application.


Drawing is a fundamental skill used for many artistic endeavours such as graphic design, animation and product design. Still, anyone can learn to draw and improve their drawing even if it is not career-related. A good place to start building drawing skills is the Drawing Foundations Fundamentals course. This popular course requires only a pencil and some paper and covers fundamentals such as composition, value & tone, negative space, and perspective. LinkedIn Learning also has courses on Figure Drawing, Landscape sketching, and 2-Point Perspective.

Graphic Novel fans might want to dive into designing a Comic Book from start to finish. This learning path features 9 full courses to develop your own graphic novel from initial conception to the final product.

Welcome from Penciling a Comic Book Page by Ben Bishop

LinkedIn Learning also has courses on hand lettering and calligraphy, such as Learning Calligraphy & Drawing Vector Graphics: Hand Lettering.


If you are just getting started painting or want to try a new medium, LinkedIn Learning has courses on various mediums such as acrylic and watercolour, as well as how to paint landscapes and elements of composition in paintings.

Analog Photography

Yes, you can still buy film and film cameras, but getting film processed locally might be a challenge. For those interested in developing film at home, there are courses on Shooting and Processing Black & White Film and Setting up a Home Dark Room.

And finally…for the ultimate analog challenge, there is a course on Phonotrope animation which uses a record player, paper animation loops, and a video camera to create moving pictures!

What you should know from Motion Graphics Loops: 3 Analog Techniques, the Phonotrope by Owen Lowery

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