Introducing . . . a new chapter in our story

Stories are the foundation of the human experience. They allow us to share ourselves and our experiences with others. Stories teach us, connect us, and break down barriers. 

At Cape Breton Regional Library, stories are our focus and our passion. And we don’t just mean the ones in the books on our shelves. Each one of our patrons, staff members, and community partners has a story to tell. 

One of the ways in which we share the library’s story is through our visual identity and logo. Over time, the library has grown, evolved, and changed, and so has our story.

Today we are proud to introduce Cape Breton Regional Library’s new logo. The library was founded in 1950, the same year our original logo was adopted. Over the last seven decades, we’ve established branches in new communities, expanded our services and collections, and developed enriching programs. We’ve come a long way from where we first started, and we believe that seventy-one years looks good on us!

The library’s new visual identity reflects who we are today, acknowledges our past, and looks ahead to our future. Designed by ViBE Creative Group, it’s a colourful, dynamic symbol that weaves together the branches, bookmobile, and communities that comprise Cape Breton Regional Library. We hope our redesigned logo will spark connections and conversations as we start a new chapter in our story.