Never miss a hold notice

Text Message Notifications are here!

Would you like a quick, easy way to find out when your holds are ready to pick up? Same Page now gives library members the option to receive text/SMS alerts straight to their mobile device.

Text Message Notifications are a way for you to be notified that items you have requested to be held for you have arrived at the pickup location.

How Do I Sign Up?
To opt in, visit your favourite library location today!

Important Notes about Text Message Notifications:

  • Please do not attempt to reply to the text message – we will not be able to receive any texts sent back to us.
  • Standard text messaging rates may apply. This is based on your phone service plan and not the responsibility of the Library.
  • Text messages do not stop other notification methods. Text notice messages are sent in addition to the email notices that you may already be receiving.

Need more help? Please contact the Library if you have any other questions.