Transferring Books to the Victor Reader Stream

Note: These instructions also work for transferring books to a USB drive to plug into a Victor Stratus CD player.

Step 1. Before transferring books onto the Victor Reader Stream, be sure to unzip the file first if it is in the MP3 or DAISY format. Ebooks do not require unzipping.

Step 2. Proceed with instructions below for either DAISY or MP3 files.

For DAISY Audiobooks

  1. Find and select the folder with your unzipped DAISY book.
  2. Copy the selected folder (Ctrl+C).
  3. Connect your Stream cable to the computer with your DAISY files or put the SD card into the computer
  4. Locate the card and double click to open it.
  5. Locate the $VRDTB folder and open it. If there is no folder called $VRDTB, create one by creating a new folder and renaming it to $VRDTB.
  6. Paste (Ctrl+V) the DAISY book folder to that location and wait for the computer to complete the transfer.
  7. Follow the steps to disconnect your device by safely removing hardware. You may need to power off and power on again.
  8. Check that the book is on the Stream bookshelf.

For MP3 Audiobooks

Follow instructions as above with exceptions:

  1. Make sure the files are in a single folder: not nested, with one folder inside another. If the folders are nested, move all the MP3 audio files into the top-level folder. When you are done moving files to a single folder, delete the empty folders. If you skip this step, each folder will appear as a separate book on your bookshelf. For example, if the book has one folder per chapter, each chapter will appear to be a separate book on your bookshelf.
  2. Place MP3 audiobooks in the $VROtherBooks folder.
  3.  When navigating MP3 books the Victor Reader will consider each file a separate book.  It can be helpful to rename each file to something meaningful if the ISBN or other non essential information is in the file name.

For e-text and EPUB books

Follow instructions as above, but place books in the $VRText folder.

More Help

For more options and help, see section 1.6 of the Victor Stream User Manual.

For more information on the Victor Reader Stream visit the Humanware site.

Additional software for managing files on the Stream, including the Stream Companion, can be found on HumanWare’s support page.