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Borrow a wifi Hotspot for free Internet Access. Cape Breton Regional Library. @NS Community Technology.

Get connected with a mobile hot spot!

CBRL has partnered with @NS Community Technology to offer loans of mobile hot spots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does a HotSpot work?
A Kajeet HotSpot is a ready-to-use WiFi hotspot device. The hot spots connect to your tablet, smart phone, laptop or any other wireless-capable device. The devices have unlimited data.

The devices operate on the Bell mobility network in any area with access to cellular network service. To view a network coverage map, please visit Bell’s website. Please note that coverage shown is approximate and actual coverage may vary. Speed and signal strength may vary due to traffic, topography, environmental conditions, and other factors. It is the borrower’s responsibility to determine whether the device will work in their location.

Is my information tracked on the HotSpot?
The HotSpot devices are provided by your library to access the Internet for educational and recreational purposes. No private information, such as name, login information, account numbers, or websites visited, is collected or retained.

How long can I borrow a HotSpot?
Hot spots are available to borrow for a four-week loan period for patrons age 18 and up. Devices will be deactivated if they are not returned to the library on or before the due date. A replacement fee will be charged for any devices that are not returned. HotSpots must be returned directly to a library staff member and cannot be left in return drops or bins.

Please be sure to read the Quick Start Guide included with your HotSpot first.

-Ensure the device is fully charged before use.

-Hold the power button down for a few seconds to turn on. If the device is asleep, lightly press the power button to wake the device.

-Network strength can be seen on the status display screen when the device is powered on.

-No connection or connected to the device but not the Internet? Restart by turning the power off and back on. Disconnect from the network on your wireless-capable device and then reconnect to it.

For more information, contact your local library or visit our online catalogue to place a hold: https://samepagecbrl.bibliocommons.com/v2/record/S195C498215

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