Institutional Membership

Institutional/Educational Library Membership


Institutional cards are available to daycares, public and private schools, and care facilities. While individual teachers/staff members will be issued the library card, the registration form must be authorized by the school/institution administrator. Thus, if there are three teachers at a school wishing to borrow public library materials for classroom use, each will have an assigned card with a unique number.

Note: Teachers who wish to allow students to access eBooks or audiobooks in class are asked to first contact the students/parents guardians and ask them to register their child for a library card –>  How to get Library Cards for students in your class.

How to Obtain an Institutional Card

Fill out the registration form and obtain authorization from the school/institution administrator/principal. Next, bring, mail, or scan and email the completed registration form to any library branch or bookmobile. Applicants for institutional library cards must be in good standing with their personal Cape Breton Regional Library card in order to be issued an institutional card.

Terms of Use

Institutional library cards can be used to borrow library materials from any participating Same Page library.

Loan periods:

  • Books – 8 weeks
  • Magazines – 8 weeks
  • Plays – 8 weeks
  • Audiobooks – 8 weeks
  • DVDs – 8 weeks.
  • Library of Things (autism kits, Be Fit Kits, Earth Walk Kits, etc.) – varies by item.


Maximum number of times an item can be renewed before it must be returned: 3

(This excludes items on which a request has been placed by another library member, in which case these items must be returned by the end of the borrowing period.)

Replacement fee for a lost card: $1.00

Re-registration, including the administrator’s signature, is required to use the card for each new school term. Cards for other facilities expire one year from date of issue.

Overdue charges will not be applied for overdue items, however the school/institution shall reimburse the Library for any books that are damaged, lost, or stolen, and these bills shall be paid when the bill is received.

Each card issued will allow a maximum of $30.00 for  or lost or un-returned materials before borrowing privileges are suspended. Borrowing will not be permitted with library cards on which there is an outstanding charge of $30.00 or more. Once the amount is cleared (either through return or payment for items) borrowing privileges will be reinstated.

Responsibilities of the Administrator/School Principal

Communicate with staff regarding participation in this service.

Ensure that the staff person named on the registration form has a copy of the Terms and Procedures.

Sign and forward (via mail, in person, or scan and email) the contract to the Cape Breton Regional Library.

Take responsibility for payment of any bills owing for library materials not returned. Overdue notices will be sent for items not returned or renewed by the due date. The first two overdue notices will be forwarded to the teacher/staff member and the third notice (bill) will be sent to the administrator. In cases where payment is made for lost items, refunds (100% of the cost of the item) will be issued for items found after payment, up to a period of one year after receipt of payment.

Inform the library when a staff member holding an institutional card is no longer employed with the institution.

Responsibilities of the Individual Teacher/ Institutional Employee

Borrow items for worksite purposes only (for example, for use in the classroom only). Items for personal use are to be borrowed using a personal library card.

Do not share the card with anyone else.

Track the number of items borrowed and returned and renew items on or before the due date. This can be done in person by visiting or telephoning a library branch or online by clicking My Account.

Library Services

Class and group visits to library branches may be arranged. Please contact the library for additional information.

If you are unable to arrange for your class/group to visit the library, you can request library staff to visit your school/facility to overview public library services.

Library staff will attend special events being held at your work place, such as career days, if time and schedules permit.