13 books to read after you binge watch Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets tv series logo, with book covers of readalikes

If you can’t get enough of Showtime’s hit TV show Yellowjackets (available on Crave TV in Canada), here are a few reading recommendations to tide you over until season two!

The story of a soccer team stranded in the Canadian wilderness for 19 months after a plane crash, Yellowjackets chronicles the team’s attempts to survive by any means necessary while also tracking their current lives in 2021 as they piece together multiple mysteries connected to their time in the woods.

Whether you’re looking to survive the rugged wilderness, navigate the complex hierarchies of teenage friendship, indulge in 90s nostalgia, or delve into ritualistic horror, these books will take you into the darkest corners of the wilderness (and the human mind) and back again. Get ready to devour these picks while you anxiously await the next installment of the series.

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