Code of Conduct

Cape Breton Regional Library welcomes you. To maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all library users, the following activities and/or behaviors are not permitted in the library:

• Disruptive, abusive, insulting, harassing or threatening comments or actions

• Intoxication from consumption of alcohol or drugs

• Consumption of food or beverages, except in designated areas or by special permission

• Sleeping

• Inappropriate attire (footwear and shirts must be worn)

• Bringing animals into the Library, unless it is to assist persons with a disability or in authorized programs

• Soliciting for charities, or for items on sale or for political causes (e.g. petitions)

• Panhandling

• Use of personal electronic devices (smart phone, tablet, music player etc.) which are played at disruptive volume level or used in a manner which violates the privacy of library patrons or staff members

• Use of the library for any personal reasons which do not constitute normal use of a public library facility (examples: using the restrooms to bathe or do laundry; using the library as a place to conduct business)

• Loitering in the children’s area of the Library, unless accompanied by a child, waiting for a child who is attending a program, or searching for materials in the children’s collection

• Persons shall not interfere with the use of the library by other patrons or interfere with library employee’s performance of duties

• Leaving children unattended for prolonged periods of time or at closing, or failing to adequately supervise children or other individuals requiring care. (Children under the age of ten years must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or other responsible caregiver.)

• Use of sports equipment with the library (e.g. skateboards, roller-blades.)

When library staff observe behaviours and/or actions which they deem disruptive and/or dangerous, appropriate measures will be taken, up to and including requesting police intervention.