Embrace Winter with new Winter Backpacks

Winter Fun Nature Backpack with snow brick maker, mini microscope, field guides and picture books.

CBRL has partnered with the CBRM Recreation Department to introduce new winter themed Nature Backpacks.

Borrow a backpack today to discover the science of snow, learn about animals in the winter, or learn all about Winter hiking!

Like all Nature Backpacks we have included a community nature journal. Every time you borrow a backpack you can use the journal to document your adventures, record observations and sketch nature scenes. You can also see what previous borrowers have discovered!

Inside each Winter Nature Backpack you will find:

  • A snow brick maker
  • A small handheld microscope – for viewing snowflakes up close!
  • A Nature Journal
  • The following books:
    • The Joy of Winter Hiking
    • Hiders seekers, finders keepers : how animals adapt in winter
    • The Science of Snow
    • Animal Signatures
    • When Winter Comes

Winter Nature Backpacks were made possible through funding from CBRM Recreation Department.

CBRM Recreation

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