Envoy Connect Audiobook Player for CELA and NNELS

Envoy Connect portable audiobook player.  A handheld plastic device featuring a speaker on top, and six tactile buttons for volume, bookshelf, sleep timer, reverse, play/pause/, and forward.

The Envoy Connect is an easy to use audiobook player, compatible with books from CELA and NNELS libraries.

How does it work?

This video guide demonstrates how to use the Envoy Connect:

The player also has a audio user guide on the device and further instructions can be found on the CELA website.


Adults or children who have a disability preventing them from reading regular print books can borrow the Envoy Connect Player. Please see our Accessibility page to learn more about qualifying print disabilities.

What books are available for this player?

Any audio format book in the CELA or NNELs libraries can be loaded onto this player. Registered CELA or NNELS patrons can choose to browse the CELA and NNELS websites themselves or ask library staff to help them find books. Staff will also load the books onto the player.

Request a player

If you would like to try using an Envoy Connect player please phone your local library and speak with staff. Staff can also be reached via email.

Loan period

The envoy connect player will be loaned for 3 weeks. It can be renewed 3 times if no one else is waiting for it.