Forest Play and Nature Connection

Books about Nature connection and Forest Play

Get inspired to go outside with these great books from your library!

You can also try one of CBRL’s Nature Backpacks available in 7 different themes!

Collage showing Nature Backpacks

Nature Play

For parents, teachers, and youth group leaders looking to help children connect with nature. This list features a variety of books with practical ideas that will help children understand and appreciate nature. Included are books on forest schools, bush craft, seasonal celebrations and ecology. CBRL Nature Backpacks are included on the list and are available within CBRL region only.

Outdoor Skills and Nature Connection for Teens

Learn how to build shelters, start a campfire, make your own snowshoes and more with these books.

Nature Connection for Adults

Learn about the benefits of forests for our mental and physical health, get a deeper understanding of forest ecology and read some classics of environmental literature.