PressReader news & magazines accessible anywhere , anytime with your library card!

With over 7,000 publications from over 100 countries in 60+ languages, PressReader is the leading digital newspaper and magazine provider for premium content. As a Cape Breton Regional Library patron, you will have on and off-site access courtesy of your local library. Explore titles such as Cape Breton Post, The Chronicle Herald, The National Post, The Guardian, Washington Post, Forbes, and much more from all over the world.

Pressreader can be accessed through and internet browser (on a PC or Mac) or through the mobile app.

Pressreader App

The best way to read newspapers and magazines on your mobile phone or tablet. Available on iOS and Android

Good to Know

  • PressReader has the largest selection of global publications.
  • You can use built-in text-to-speech feature to listen to articles.
  • Individual articles and issues can also be translated into other languages.
  • You can search for publications as well as do an advanced search to research a topic.
  • You can alternate between Page View and Text View.

Download the App

You can access PressReader on Apple  and  Android devices.

  • To use the app from home, you will need to follow these instructions:
  • Download and open the app.
  • Look for the Sign in icon at the bottom.
  • Select to sign in through Library or Group.
  • Search for Cape Breton Regional Library.
  • Enter your Library Card number and PIN.
  • PressReader will then prompt you to create an account with your name, email and a password.
  • You will have 30 days of access to PressReader prior to having to sign in again.
  • When you sign in again you will only need your library card number and PIN.

Getting Started from a Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • Go to the
  • Click on the Sign in button on the upper right side of your screen.
  • Click on Library or Group and search for Cape Bretion Regional Library.
  • Enter your Library Card number and PIN and click Sign in.
  • If prompted, enter your email address and create a password.
  • You will be prompted to log in every 30 days.
  • When you sign in again you will only need your library card number and PIN.

Need Help?

There are many help videos available through PressReader’s Youtube channel. For more help and advanced features, please visit the PressReader help page.

Privacy and Terms of Use

PressReader is a commercial service whose policies concerning privacy and user information differ from that of the Cape Breton Regional Library. For more information, please read PressReader’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.