Quick Tips for the Victor Reader Stream

This is only a quick tip guide. For a more detailed guide press and hold the number 1 button on the player.

Button Layout

To orient the player, hold it so that the top three buttons are a square, a circle and a diamond.  From here we will describe each button.

Left Side Edge

Power button.  On the left side of the player at the top. Press and hold this power button to turn on the player.  You will hear a beep and a Welcome message.  If the player does not power on, the battery may need to be charged.

Power-on LED light indicator. This is between the power button and the volume keys. The LED is lit when power is on. The LED blinks when the Stream is powered off and recharging.

Volume, Speed, and Tone keys. Below the Power button on the left side are two up/down arrow shaped buttons to raise and lower the volume. These are also used while the Stream is powered on to change the speed and tone settings. Pressing the power button will announce these settings that you can then change.

Top Edge

SD Card slot.  Books are saved on the SD Card.  The SD card can remain in the Stream.  New books are loaded by connecting the Stream to a computer via USB cable.

Headphone jack. A standard 2.5 mm headphone jack is to the right of the SD card.

Right Side Edge

Microphone jack. Near the top of the right edge is a depression marking a standard 3.5 mm microphone jack to plug in an external microphone.  There is also a built-in microphone on the Stream.

Record button. Two thirds of the way down the right side is a small square record button. It has a raised dot and is located between two rough finger surfaces. This is used to record voice notes.

Bottom Edge

USB port. This is used to connect the Stream to a computer or to plug into a wall adapter to charge the device.

Front Face: Top Section

Go To File Key. The Go to file Key is a square button on the top left of the front of the device. It also serves as the Go to Heading and Go to Book key.

Online Features Key. This is a circular button. Once configured, this allows access to Internet radio, Wikipedia, podcasts and more.  Please consult the User Manual for instructions on wireless configuration.

Bookmark Key. To the right of the Online features key is the Bookmark key.  It is diamond shaped. Pressing it multiple times rotates through the bookmark menu to insert, go to, browse, and delete bookmarks.

Front Face: Middle Section

Telephone-style Numeric Keypad.

In the middle section of the front face there is a telephone-style numeric keypad.  On the top row are numbers 1, 2, and 3. The Second row has numbers 4, 5, and 6. The third row has numbers 7, 8, and 9. The fourth row has an asterisk, zero, and pound key.  To orient yourself, the centre of this keypad is number 5, it has two raised dots.

Here is what each number key does:

Key 1. Bookshelf Key.  Press multiple times to select a bookshelf on your memory card. Press and hold to enter and exit the built-in User Guide.

Keys 2 and 8.  These act as up and down cursor arrows. Use these keys to scroll up and down through a circular list of book navigation levels.

Keys 4 and 6. These act as left and right cursor arrows.  Use key 4 to move backward and key 6 to move forward through the elements at the chosen navigation level.

Key 3.  This is the delete function (see User Guide).

Key 5. Where am I? Key.  This announces your current reading position.

Key 7. Menu button.  Press to enter the player configuration menu (see User Guide).

Key 9. Switches between text-to-speech and recorded playback modes (see User Guide).

Key 0. Key Describer Key.  Provides book, player, and battery info. If you press and hold 0 it will also enter and exit Key Describer mode when a memory card is loaded.

Key *. This will interrupt or cancel certain operations. Pressing and holding this * key, will lock the keypad. To unlock press the 1, 2, and 3 keys in sequence.

Key #. Confirm Key.  This is used to confirm numeric entries or confirm certain operations.

Front Face Bottom Section.

A raised horizontal line marks the beginning of the bottom section of buttons.

Sleep Timer. An oval shaped key, below a raised horizontal line. This sets the auto shut-off Sleep timer

Play/Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward. These three buttons are at the bottom section of the player below the Sleep Timer:

Play/Stop. The center rectangular key.

Rewind. The left key.

Fast Forward.  The right key.

For a more detailed guide, press and hold the Number 1 button on the Victor Reader Stream.