Kanopy’s New Ticket System and Unlimited Viewing Collections!


introducing Kanopy Tickets. Instead of play credits, you will now get tickets each month to watch films from our library.

Kanopy’s play credits are now called tickets. Each library member now gets 15 tickets a month and Kanopy has made it easy to see how many tickets each title requires and how long you can view it for.

visit the Kanopy Help page to learn more about the ticket system

We are also pleased to announce unlimited viewing collections on Kanopy. Titles from these collections do not require tickets.

You can find the unlimited collections on the main page of CBRL’s Kanopy site. Just scroll down until you see Series Collection – Unlimited viewing, British Cinema & TV Collection – Unlimited Viewing and Kanopy Favourite Collection -Unlimited viewing.

Screenshot of CBRL's unlimited viewing collections on kanopy.com

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