At Home Learning Resources Part 2: French Books!

In part 1 of At Home Learning Resources we profiled books about homeschooling and some helpful books to support core subjects such as math, English, and science. Today we turn to a subject that sometimes can be hard for parents of French Immersion and French school students; appealing books in French at an appropriate reading level for the French as a second language student. Luckily, the library has been adding a lot to this subject area lately.

Early Chapter Books & Graphic Novels for ages 6 & up – Lecteurs debutants à partir de 6 ans.

For children in grades 1 to 3 there are numerous books from the popular Scholastic Branches series including Nouvelle Partie and Hibou Hebdo. These are perfect for children who need lots of illustrations to get through the chapters. We also have the very popular Les Méchants series (Bad Guys) Other new additions include Un Serpent a Sauver and Le raton terrible. These books are thick but the text size is large and friendly and the the vocabulary is fairly simple as well.

Graphic Novels & Chapters books for ages 8-12 – Bon Lecteurs et à partir de 8 ans

For ages 8-12 we have so many great graphic novels and illustrated chapter books! Many of these are based on the popular English series such as the Baby-Sitters Club, the Raina Telegemeier books (e.g. Courage, Sœurs,) and Amulet and Dog-Man (Super Chien). There are also some great fantasy-adventure graphic novels such as Les Mythics and Magic 7. Les Mystères dont vous êtes le héros is a series similar to the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series.

French books for Teens – livres adolescents à partir de 13 ans

The McConnell Library in Sydney has just started a teen French section. It’s a small start but already we have some great titles which are full of teen drama and adventure. READY is another Choose your own adventure type series and it is really action packed! Académie des Sources is a delicious teen drama written by Montreal author Sandra Verilli and set in a private boarding school in the mountains (peut-être les Laurentides? ).

Captivating Non-Fiction for all ages! – documentaires pour tous!

These non-fiction reads feature full colour photos and artful illustrations that are sure to satisfy curious minds!